Back-end engineer

Compass Beauty is a California based startup that specializes in skincare. Our main goal is to make skincare predictable by the means of science, accurate measurements with medical devices and machine learning. Our distributed team is rather small but consists of skilled professionals with decades of experience in chemistry, biotechnology, machine learning and programming.


We are looking for an Elixir/Phoenix developer to join our small team and help build out, operate, and maintain the Compass Beauty web platform. This is a full-time remote position. The ideal candidate is an experienced developer, prepared to own all elements of implementation, delivery, and maintenance, including front-end (optional) and back-end development, and potentially dev-ops.


As part of a team, you will be building data ingestion pipelines, parsing and scrapping tools, various web apps and whatnot. We will find good use of your skills and push you to the limits. You should expect priorities to change quickly and be ready to shift your work efforts between different tasks.


The ideal candidate should already have experience working in a production setting with most components of our dev and ops stacks:

  • Phoenix / Elixir / Erlang

  • PostgreSQL

  • HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript (React)

  • Elixir libraries: Flow / Broadway

  • Docker

  • Heroku / Google cloud

  • Git / GitHub Actions


Spoken English is a must-have.


Please send your resume to or you may reach me directly in Telegram @paveltyk